Old Chicago Culinary Institute Cookbook

The other day I was looking through the massive Chicago Culinary Institute cookbook I inherited from my mom. I think the cookbook’s about 50 years old. Even if a lot of the recipes are dated (um, meats gelled in aspic? Peanut butter/mayo/pickle sandwich, anyone?)it’s fun to look through. This spun sugar doesn’t look messy atContinue reading “Old Chicago Culinary Institute Cookbook”

Mommy Groups: The Power and the Glory

I gave Jeanine Cummins a blurb for her new novel, The Crooked Branch, which just released. It is an excellent, entertaining book, funny and dark in parts (with lots about the Irish potato famine) which everybody should immediately buy and read. You should also pick up THE OUTSIDE BOY (which I just recommended to myContinue reading “Mommy Groups: The Power and the Glory”

Star Trek Blanket

The day before yesterday, I dreamed we bought a sectional sofa and I bought Star Trek pillows for Cadillac. (Always old Star Trek, never Next Gen). The next day, I walked into the fabric store and saw Star Trek fleece 40% off. COINCIDENCE? It’s NEVER a coincidence. Thus, it was imperative that I make CadillacContinue reading “Star Trek Blanket”

What I’ve Been Doing

Life sure gets busy this time of year. We’re just settling into our back-to-school schedules and have something going on nearly every day. On Monday, Eldest and I started our cake decorating class, where we learned how to use Wilton Tip #18 (star). On Tuesday we saw the first preview of Yoshimi Battles the PinkContinue reading “What I’ve Been Doing”

The Writer and the Whale: An Overactive Imagination

After Cadillac and I got back from our trip, I regaled the kids with tall tales about Cadillac. My kids’ motto, like the X-Files, is, “I WANT to Believe.” They love hearing stories and sometimes believe them, even if they are far-fetched. And they often add onto them, spinning them into Paul Bunyan-Babe the BlueContinue reading “The Writer and the Whale: An Overactive Imagination”