Mommy Groups: The Power and the Glory

I gave Jeanine Cummins a blurb for her new novel, The Crooked Branch, which just released. It is an excellent, entertaining book, funny and dark in parts (with lots about the Irish potato famine) which everybody should immediately buy and read. You should also pick up THE OUTSIDE BOY (which I just recommended to myContinue reading “Mommy Groups: The Power and the Glory”

My Mother, Myself, Boo Bah and Nagasaki

My brother scanned a bunch of old family slides and sent them to me. Most are countless pics of zebras, old-school Disneyland, and my older brothers (there are maybe two existing baby pics of me) but these held particular interest to me: This pic of my mom, posing with a fan, in front of thisContinue reading “My Mother, Myself, Boo Bah and Nagasaki”