The day before yesterday, I dreamed we bought a sectional sofa and I bought Star Trek pillows for Cadillac. (Always old Star Trek, never Next Gen).

The next day, I walked into the fabric store and saw Star Trek fleece 40% off.


It’s NEVER a coincidence.

Thus, it was imperative that I make Cadillac a blanket from the stuff.

Making these blankets is pretty easy. I used 2 yards of the print, and a 2 yards of the yellow underneath, to make the blanket nice and thick.

You line up the corners and cut out a 2- inch square. Then you cut 2-inch long strips every inch along the perimeter. I put a yard stick down to help me cut every inch.

The solid fabric is usually wider than the printed. I just worked on one side at a time, since I did it on the table rather than the floor.

star trek

Does Kirk kind of look like he’s flipping you off? I thought so for a second.