Star Trek Blanket

The day before yesterday, I dreamed we bought a sectional sofa and I bought Star Trek pillows for Cadillac. (Always old Star Trek, never Next Gen).

The next day, I walked into the fabric store and saw Star Trek fleece 40% off.


It’s NEVER a coincidence.

Thus, it was imperative that I make Cadillac a blanket from the stuff.

Making these blankets is pretty easy. I used 2 yards of the print, and a 2 yards of the yellow underneath, to make the blanket nice and thick.

You line up the corners and cut out a 2- inch square. Then you cut 2-inch long strips every inch along the perimeter. I put a yard stick down to help me cut every inch.

The solid fabric is usually wider than the printed. I just worked on one side at a time, since I did it on the table rather than the floor.

star trek

Does Kirk kind of look like he’s flipping you off? I thought so for a second.

3 thoughts on “Star Trek Blanket

  1. Cool, my daughter makes these blankets in the school colors for grandson and his friends. Also pillows with their logo. They love them. Very warm. Yes, good for curling up with a good book. I just got Maeve Binchy’s new book in the mail, gift from youngest daughter. Ummmm. Where’s the blanket. It’s still freezing cold here in Ohio. Enjoy the beautiful blanket. Barb

  2. I JUST started your “Roses” today… it is so good!! I am so happy to find a new author and hopefully share it with my book club!

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