48 Hour Film Project

My amazing improv team, Big Shoes, formed a 48 hour film festival team this year. Two of our members, Mark and Randy, had done the fest in northern CA and Tijuana, respectively. Austin’s brother Mason flew in from Austin (ha ha) with his camera equipment and extensive knowledge (he also composed music!). And the teamContinue reading “48 Hour Film Project”

PitchWars 2018 Wish List: Middle Grade

Hi, I’m Margaret Dilloway! I write both contemporary realistic and fantasy middle grade; I’m also the author of three women’s fiction. I’m an Aquarius, born in the year of the Tiger, on a Wednesday. For fun, I like to do long-form improv, hike, play with my dog, and bake. What Am I Open To? ContemporaryContinue reading “PitchWars 2018 Wish List: Middle Grade”

Teaching Kids How to Meditate in 4 Easy Steps

  I’ve seen this article shared a bunch of times on Facebook about how using meditation has improved behavior at a school.  I’ve actually used a similar technique in the classroom and I can attest to how well it works. I learned about this meditation technique from a hypnotherapist that was recommended by my pediatrician to helpContinue reading “Teaching Kids How to Meditate in 4 Easy Steps”

Kid Milestones: Unlocked!

My youngest turned 10 a couple of days ago, but this morning it really hit me. We have NO kids in the single digits anymore.  Milestone unlocked. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s bittersweet– she’s our BABY, she’s not supposed to AGE!– but we all know how the days are short but the years are long already,Continue reading “Kid Milestones: Unlocked!”

Writing Wednesday: Should I Write to a Genre, or Just Write What I Want?

Writing Wednesday This is one of the most frequent how-do-I-write questions I get. You’re working on The Great American Novel you’ve harbored in your heart. Should you change it to fit into some genre? I’m probably not the best person to ask. With my first two novels, I just had these very specific stories toContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: Should I Write to a Genre, or Just Write What I Want?”

Forgotten Samurai Women

Forgotten Samurai Women by Margaret Dilloway One day, my dad told me, “You know your mother was from a samurai family, right?” Um, no, didn’t know that. That kind of information is good to know!My mom had said only that her family had been the royal seal-bearers (which I guess, though it doesn’t sound asContinue reading “Forgotten Samurai Women”