Life sure gets busy this time of year. We’re just settling into our back-to-school schedules and have something going on nearly every day. On Monday, Eldest and I started our cake decorating class, where we learned how to use Wilton Tip #18 (star). On Tuesday we saw the first preview of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots at the La Jolla Playhouse, which was great, with music by the Flaming Lips. Not your typical musical– it uses lots of new technology, some of which went wrong during the show (flying, and screens, and moving parts). But thatz ok, because as a consolation they’re letting us get a free backstage tour! Woot! Today, Cadillac has some Boy Scout event like he does every week, because Boy Scouts are crazy like that. The kids have suddenly decided to do sports, starting up soon, so that will add to the fun.

Oh, and somebody pulled an illegal U-turn at school drop off and now we are down one car. Cadillac’s been car shopping (not for Cadillacs). Son turns 11 next week and gets braces (unrelated, really) and is having his birthday party this weekend.

I’m working on edits for my Work-in-Progress, and the kids have minimum days all next week, plus all of Thanksgiving off, so I’m pretty much screwed as far as work goes. Time to plan some playdates!

No wonder I’ve been so tired. For us, it’s either nonstop busy, or not.

And don’t you hate the change from Daylight Savings? Doing errands in the dark is just…ugh. Why isn’t everyone like Hawaii? Hawaii doesn’t change their time. Curse you, illogical time change!

The good news is, I think I am going to get all our laundry done before the weekend, save PE clothes. Small victories, people. Small victories. I take what I can get.