Women on Target

I have to admit, I am a little bit afraid of guns. I want them far away from me. But I also thought it would be theoretically fun to shoot at clay targets and the like.

When I saw a flier for a class called Women on Target, which pairs women with mentors for a day of gun safety and target practice, I was hesitant. But it was only $20, and I got a couple friends to sign up, too.

I worried I wouldn’t be able to remember all the steps– daydreaming can cost a life here– but I was soon assured as the mentor walked me through each step.

I also worried I wouldn’t be able to handle any kickback or noise. I’ve been shooting once, when I went to Family Range day with the Rangers, where I shot a machine gun and a semi automatic rifle. You’d think I’d be more courageous. But that was a long time ago.

Cadillac had offered to take me to the range but, well, he’s not always the most patient teacher, nor am I the best student with him. Maybe we expect each other to read minds too much.

Anyway, the day turned out to be a lot of fun.  We fired rifles, a pistol (both .22s) and a shotgun. The shotgun is the one with the most kickback; once you fire that you can allegedly fire anything. It left a nice red mark on my shoulder.


I was the most accurate with the rifle.


We had to fill our own shotgun shells. Now they’re my souvenirs.


I’m not afraid of handling a weapon anymore.

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