Skunks and Other Minor Annoyances

This was just a banner week in terms of annoyances. It started off on Sunday with a fire that torched the mountain across the way from our house. I smelled smoke and asked my family, “Does anyone else smell that?” “Nope,” they said. “It’s your imagination.” I looked out the window later and saw smokeContinue reading “Skunks and Other Minor Annoyances”

The Absolutely Definitive Answer to How Many Children You Should Have

The Absolutely Definitive Answer to How Many Children You Should Have Have you been wondering how many kids you should have? Have you read article after article telling you you’re selfish if you have one, you’re crazy if you have more than two? Have you been spotting endless Dear Abbys and Dear Prudences asking HOWContinue reading “The Absolutely Definitive Answer to How Many Children You Should Have”

Introvert Parent, Extrovert Kid

I’m a writer, with naturally introverted tendencies. Sure, I can call out my extrovert once in a while when I’m speaking in public (which I actually enjoy!) or whatnot. But generally, I fritz out when there’s too much activity. Right now, my kids are at three different schools, and just driving and doing the basicsContinue reading “Introvert Parent, Extrovert Kid”

Dear Ally, a Story. Chapter 1

Dear Ally, a Story My daughter is a fairly prolific writer for an 8 year old. Here’s the first chapter of a book she wrote last fall, called Dear Ally. ( Ally is supposed to be read as “allie.”) It’s about a girl named Emily who moves to Arizona and writes to her friend fromContinue reading “Dear Ally, a Story. Chapter 1”

Dilloway Grand Canyon Family Vacation

Last week, we got the harebrained notion to go to the Grand Canyon. We also decided to go to Tonto National Monument to see a cliff dwelling, and the Tonto State Park Natural Bridge. We filled a cooler with ice and water bottles and took off. In Date City, or Date Town, or Date VillageContinue reading “Dilloway Grand Canyon Family Vacation”

Because My Husband is 12

^^I can’t *wait* to see what searches bring people here, with a title like that! You try to set a good example for your kids. Don’t drip on the hardwood. Keep the water in the pool, where it belongs. It’s hard, though, when Dad is the instigator of mayhem. I was inside and Cadillac wasContinue reading “Because My Husband is 12”

Angry Daddy vs the Bougainvillea

There is…was…a bougainvillea growing in the front, over an overhang. Two building inspectors said it should come down. Cadillac got a chainsaw and went to work today. Me: Maybe we shouldn’t cut the whole thing down today…after all, we have only one trashcan. Cadillac: I’m not. I’m just going to get this one part down.Continue reading “Angry Daddy vs the Bougainvillea”

What Kids Are Reading

Today there was an article on NPR that said not only do kids choose easy books to read for pleasure, the reading that high schools assign is getting increasingly easier. This is the opposite of my kid’s experience. This year, at the public high school, my 9th grade daughter read THE KITE RUNNER, UNCLE TOM’SContinue reading “What Kids Are Reading”