This book is the most personal I’ve ever written, because it’s based not only on me, but my daughter. And improv! It doesn’t focus on the bits but on the emotional impact of the scenes and being on a supportive team. In the cover copy I wrote that Ava has a “Technicolor inside but aContinue reading “IMPROV BOOK COVER REVEAL!”

Writing Wednesday: How to Write a Query for a Memoir

While I was at BlogHer doing the Path to Publishing workshop– in the MIDDLE of Path to Publishing, actually– it came to my attention that neither I nor my co-leader knew how to write a query for  memoir. I thought it was nonfiction and therefore out of my area, so I hadn’t even looked itContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: How to Write a Query for a Memoir”

Dear Ally, a Story. Chapter 1

Dear Ally, a Story My daughter is a fairly prolific writer for an 8 year old. Here’s the first chapter of a book she wrote last fall, called Dear Ally. ( Ally is supposed to be read as “allie.”) It’s about a girl named Emily who moves to Arizona and writes to her friend fromContinue reading “Dear Ally, a Story. Chapter 1”

Happy November, or No-Remember

It’s November 1st. Time for my recurring nightmare that I’ve missed Christmas, woken up the day of, and had no gifts for anyone. It also reminds me of Piers Anthony. He was my favorite author for many years, beginning in 6th grade. For my birthday, my brother Jason gave me the book, A Spell forContinue reading “Happy November, or No-Remember”

Big Book News, a Class, and a New Event!

I have big book news to announce. From the Publisher’s Lunch announcement: “SISTERS OF HEART AND SNOW, the story of two adult siblings who must come together to piece together their fractured family history with the help of an ancient book of samurai lore, as their fragile mother fades further into dementia, to Christine PepeContinue reading “Big Book News, a Class, and a New Event!”

Who Do You Think You Are, Calling Yourself a Novelist?

A long time ago, somebody told me that if you write regularly, you can call yourself a writer when people ask what you do. However, I always felt vaguely dishonest about that. A writer, I thought, meant you were Published, for money. Once I sold my debut novel, it seemed like I should be ableContinue reading “Who Do You Think You Are, Calling Yourself a Novelist?”

Chicago: ALA, Authors, Food, and an Accident

I would call our trip to Chicago for ALA a success. Some things happened. Everybody talks about how Chicagoans are rude; or at least, that is what people specifically told me (perhaps they tell other people different things?) but everyone was super friendly and helpful. Was it because we arrived the day before the bigContinue reading “Chicago: ALA, Authors, Food, and an Accident”

What Kids Are Reading

Today there was an article on NPR that said not only do kids choose easy books to read for pleasure, the reading that high schools assign is getting increasingly easier. This is the opposite of my kid’s experience. This year, at the public high school, my 9th grade daughter read THE KITE RUNNER, UNCLE TOM’SContinue reading “What Kids Are Reading”