Comic-Con 14 Recap

Then, up on a pedestal, we saw the girl from The Descendants and that hot guy whom Lady Mary killed with her lethal pussy in Downton Abbey (seriously, every man she sleeps with dies. Her new suitors ought to be concerned). I actually looked up and just noticed Theo James and thought, “That’s that really hot guy from Downton Abbey! Who’s that girl?” because Woodley is a really great actress but looks like a regular girl. Which is refreshing, because all the actresses look the same these days. But she looked really tired. Who knows what they had her doing.

Skunks and Other Minor Annoyances

This was just a banner week in terms of annoyances. It started off on Sunday with a fire that torched the mountain across the way from our house. I smelled smoke and asked my family, “Does anyone else smell that?” “Nope,” they said. “It’s your imagination.” I looked out the window later and saw smokeContinue reading “Skunks and Other Minor Annoyances”

The Accidental Skin Cream Spokesperson

So this is kind of interesting. I sometimes use a site called YouBeauty, and one day they emailed me and said I’d signed up to be a beauty panelist (or something like that, I truly don’t remember, I think I signed up for it a few years back) and would I like to try aContinue reading “The Accidental Skin Cream Spokesperson”

Google Visual Deals Wants Me to Marry Adrien Brody and Thinks Zac Efron is a Piece of Meat

Adrien Brody. Beautiful white horse with long flowing locks. Wedding cake. Wedding bouquet. Gift tags. Obviously Google Visual deals thinks he’s good White Knight husband material.

2014: In Which Margaret Dilloway is Rebuilt. Better, Stronger, Faster.

2014: In which Margaret Dilloway is Rebuilt. Better, Stronger, Faster If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll notice I’ve had a rather unfortunate spate of having to go see doctors lately. Well, hopefully it will all be fortunate in the end; in the meantime, it’s just visit after visit with new visits added (dog sprainingContinue reading “2014: In Which Margaret Dilloway is Rebuilt. Better, Stronger, Faster.”

In Defense of Photoshop

Every time there’s a female celebrity on a magazine cover who is not a size zero (and sometimes when they are a size zero) somebody gets up in arms about how she’s depicted. Did they put her in a big coat to hide her horrible deformed chunky size 8 frame? Did they zoom in onContinue reading “In Defense of Photoshop”

There’s a Land That I See, that is All Gluten-Free

I never wanted to be gluten free. I like bread. I like variations of bread, like pasta. I like the, what do you call it, the toothiness of gluten. That chewiness. I’ve had digestive problems for years. When I was little my stomach would always hurt in the morning. I have a blood sugar problem,Continue reading “There’s a Land That I See, that is All Gluten-Free”

Hiking After Rain

The best time to hike around here, I think, is shortly after it rains. Especially if it was a short rain, the kind that lasts only part of a morning. The trails are damp, but not too muddy. No dust. It smells like a Christmas tree lot, though there aren’t any pines– must be someContinue reading “Hiking After Rain”

Why Disney Princesses Aren’t As Bad As You Thought

  Around Halloween, there are plenty of princess-bashing articles floating around because of all the princess costumes and hoopla. The general idea is that having Cinderella or Snow White as a role model isn’t great, when you should be steering your girls toward warrior princesses like Mulan or Merida from Brave.  The other princesses, peopleContinue reading “Why Disney Princesses Aren’t As Bad As You Thought”