Super Strange True Christmas Voicemail

I forgot about this, but last Christmas, Cadillac got a strange voicemail from a restricted number. Was it a singing Christmas-gram? Was it meant for a kid? (Soooo scary if so). Who knows? Anyway. Now you can experience my little nightmare, too.

No Black Friday for Me: Mall Memories

My daughter wrote “BLACK FRIDAY,” on our calendar for the day after Thanksgiving. “I do not think that means what you think it means,” I said. “It’s the biggest shopping day of the year,” she said. I stared at her in mute horror, planning to limit television, turn off the computer, keep her away fromContinue reading “No Black Friday for Me: Mall Memories”

‘Tis the Season for Forced Giving

My daughter’s school recently participated in an Embrace-a-Family program with the caveat that the items we donated needed to be newly purchased. I resent the fact that many of the requested items included new king sized comforters, vacuums and expensive video game equipment when – in reality – I can’t afford these things for myself. And no matter what people say, there is an unspoken resentment toward those that do not participate in such programs.