Super Strange True Christmas Voicemail

I forgot about this, but last Christmas, Cadillac got a strange voicemail from a restricted number. Was it a singing Christmas-gram? Was it meant for a kid? (Soooo scary if so). Who knows? Anyway. Now you can experience my little nightmare, too.

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve and I've just washed the incense out of my hair. Sitting in the front pew of a Catholic Christmas Eve mass can be dangerous. I like Christmas Eve mass the best, because we always sing Angels We Have Heard on High. I was in the high school choir and we had to … Continue reading Merry Christmas!

No Black Friday for Me: Mall Memories

My daughter wrote “BLACK FRIDAY,” on our calendar for the day after Thanksgiving. “I do not think that means what you think it means,” I said. “It’s the biggest shopping day of the year,” she said. I stared at her in mute horror, planning to limit television, turn off the computer, keep her away from … Continue reading No Black Friday for Me: Mall Memories

‘Tis the Season for Forced Giving

My daughter’s school recently participated in an Embrace-a-Family program with the caveat that the items we donated needed to be newly purchased. I resent the fact that many of the requested items included new king sized comforters, vacuums and expensive video game equipment when – in reality – I can’t afford these things for myself. And no matter what people say, there is an unspoken resentment toward those that do not participate in such programs.