Every morning, as my brain slowly defrosts with the help of a cup of coffee, I like to read Facebook and some gossip websites. My favorite is called Dlisted. I figure it’s important work, in case I’m ever on Jeopardy! and need to know pop culture. Not because I’m shallow or like to laugh or anything. No! Margaret 100% serious author! Margaret smash! Margaret keep façade!

Also, pop culture (entertainment etc) is also the only category I can reliably beat my husband in when we play Trivial Pursuit.

Anyway, somehow, I got Google visual deals turned on. I almost disabled it yesterday but I’m glad I didn’t. If you’re shopping someplace, Visual Deals looks at the photo you’re looking at and tells you if somebody has a better price on that product. Visual Deals doesn’t work with all photos. It didn’t work with the photos on my site (not that I went through all of them).

Today I noticed when my cursor hovered over the pictures Dlisted linked to, it gave me some pretty interesting suggestions, so I took screenshots of them.

Cameron Diaz. Suggestions: circus clowns, Care Bears, Dr. Seuss characters, a cute baby invitation thing.

cameron diaz visual deals

Kendall Jenner. Pinatas, Backyardigans, Balloons. Oh, My!

jenner visual deals

Zac Efron. Bourbon cinnamon flavored something (mmm actually that sounds yummy). Pumpkin scented candles. Key lime cake pops. Chocolates. Steak.

Oh my gosh. Google Visual Deals just made me fall in love with Zac Efron.

zac efron visual deal

Adrien Brody. Beautiful white horse with long flowing locks. Wedding cake. Wedding bouquet. Gift tags. Obviously Google Visual deals thinks he’s good White Knight husband material.

adrien brody visual deals

And finally, for Jane Child, nothing. Because she’s Jane Child and there’s no comparison.

jane childs visual deals