Fiftyfifty: Reading 50 Books, Watching 50 Films

Over on you can sign up to be part of a challenge: read 50 books for 2012, watch 50 films for 2012. Reading’s no problem. But do I watch 50 films? Most of the time, there’s a kid movie playing on TV when there is a movie on. Most of the time, it’s anContinue reading “Fiftyfifty: Reading 50 Books, Watching 50 Films”

Stop Taking Pictures and LIVE!

Last weekend, we went to the 91X concert called Wrex the Halls. And it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of young folk there, dagnabbit, but there were also plenty of older folk like us, one of whom pointed out that I still had a freaking tag hanging off my jacket (thanksContinue reading “Stop Taking Pictures and LIVE!”

The Picnic Backpack, or the Best White Elephant Snatch (er, Steal) Ever

I would like to introduce you to my new little friend… The Picnic Backpack! This item was won at my mom’s group Christmas party, wherein a very complex White Elephant gift swap was undertaken. Now, you could either use an item that you bought for $10 or less; or an item you already had around.Continue reading “The Picnic Backpack, or the Best White Elephant Snatch (er, Steal) Ever”

Food Bits

For as long as I’ve known him, Cadillac has been looking for Double Bock by Sam Adams. “It’s the greatest beer on the planet,” he always says. For one reason or another, we never found it during all these years. Once we were told it was the wrong season; it’s only produced in the fall.Continue reading “Food Bits”

10 Ingredient Challenge

When my mom’s group gets together without kids for a Mom’s Night In, we usually have a lot of food. And wine. And sometimes we have theme nights and contests. Recently, we had a Top Chef-esque 10-ingredient challenge. You had to use 5 of these 10 ingredients to make a dish: Cheese Chocolate Mango PeachContinue reading “10 Ingredient Challenge”

Day Trip: Julian

Julian, California is a gold mining town up in the San Diego Cuyamaca mountains, famous for its apple pie and apple orchards (though, interestingly, the apples in those pies are by and large not from Julian, the volume demanded being too great for those orchards to keep up). We hadn’t been back to Julian inContinue reading “Day Trip: Julian”