What Was Wrong With Traditional Halloween?

A few weeks ago┬áI chanced to see a book and figure about a Halloween witch. This witch, you see, needs your candy. If you don't give her the candy you trick or treated for, her pet will die. Or her broomsticks need it for energy. Or something. I saw a couple different kinds. I'm not … Continue reading What Was Wrong With Traditional Halloween?

Skunks and Other Minor Annoyances

This was just a banner week in terms of annoyances. It started off on Sunday with a fire that torched the mountain across the way from our house. I smelled smoke and asked my family, "Does anyone else smell that?" "Nope," they said. "It's your imagination." I looked out the window later and saw smoke … Continue reading Skunks and Other Minor Annoyances

Google Visual Deals Wants Me to Marry Adrien Brody and Thinks Zac Efron is a Piece of Meat

Adrien Brody. Beautiful white horse with long flowing locks. Wedding cake. Wedding bouquet. Gift tags. Obviously Google Visual deals thinks he's good White Knight husband material.