PitchWars 2018 Wish List: Middle Grade

Hi, I'm Margaret Dilloway! I write both contemporary realistic and fantasy middle grade; I'm also the author of three women's fiction. I'm an Aquarius, born in the year of the Tiger, on a Wednesday. For fun, I like to do long-form improv, hike, play with my dog, and bake. What Am I Open To? Contemporary … Continue reading PitchWars 2018 Wish List: Middle Grade


Minding Your Own Business

Dear People of the World: MYOB. I just saw this article about how these parents who live in a beach condo received an anonymous note criticizing their choice to live there with 2 kids. As if billions of other people in the world don't live in far worse conditions. As if there's NOTHING to do so … Continue reading Minding Your Own Business

Teaching Kids How to Meditate in 4 Easy Steps

  I’ve seen this article shared a bunch of times on Facebook about how using meditation has improved behavior at a school.  I’ve actually used a similar technique in the classroom and I can attest to how well it works. I learned about this meditation technique from a hypnotherapist that was recommended by my pediatrician to help … Continue reading Teaching Kids How to Meditate in 4 Easy Steps


Happy December! Where have you been, you ask? Besides recuperating from my 4th procedure since July, I've been (drumroll) teaching! Yes, teaching creative writing to the sunniest, easiest age group of kids that ever was...middle school. A glutton for punishment, you say? Perhaps. I was hired a couple days before the school year began, and … Continue reading Teaching

What Was Wrong With Traditional Halloween?

A few weeks ago I chanced to see a book and figure about a Halloween witch. This witch, you see, needs your candy. If you don't give her the candy you trick or treated for, her pet will die. Or her broomsticks need it for energy. Or something. I saw a couple different kinds. I'm not … Continue reading What Was Wrong With Traditional Halloween?

Putting in the De-Freak-o-Later

This summer has been an interesting one, to say the least. Instead of my kids writing about what they did on their summer vacation, they'll be writing about how they took over all of mom's duties because she had to have a pacemaker/ICD installed. A defibrillator, AKA "the de-freak-o-later," as my youngest dubbed it. I … Continue reading Putting in the De-Freak-o-Later