Dilloway Grand Canyon Family Vacation

Last week, we got the harebrained notion to go to the Grand Canyon. We also decided to go to Tonto National Monument to see a cliff dwelling, and the Tonto State Park Natural Bridge. We filled a cooler with ice and water bottles and took off. In Date City, or Date Town, or Date VillageContinue reading “Dilloway Grand Canyon Family Vacation”

Old Chicago Culinary Institute Cookbook

The other day I was looking through the massive Chicago Culinary Institute cookbook I inherited from my mom. I think the cookbook’s about 50 years old. Even if a lot of the recipes are dated (um, meats gelled in aspic? Peanut butter/mayo/pickle sandwich, anyone?)it’s fun to look through. This spun sugar doesn’t look messy atContinue reading “Old Chicago Culinary Institute Cookbook”

No Black Friday for Me: Mall Memories

My daughter wrote “BLACK FRIDAY,” on our calendar for the day after Thanksgiving. “I do not think that means what you think it means,” I said. “It’s the biggest shopping day of the year,” she said. I stared at her in mute horror, planning to limit television, turn off the computer, keep her away fromContinue reading “No Black Friday for Me: Mall Memories”

What I’ve Been Doing

Life sure gets busy this time of year. We’re just settling into our back-to-school schedules and have something going on nearly every day. On Monday, Eldest and I started our cake decorating class, where we learned how to use Wilton Tip #18 (star). On Tuesday we saw the first preview of Yoshimi Battles the PinkContinue reading “What I’ve Been Doing”

Bakersfield and Tehachapi

Cadillac said a couple weeks ago that he had to go to Bakersfield to audit some offices. At first I thought he’d become a Scientologist (da-dum-dum!) but then learned he had to go look at paperwork in credit unions and banks or something like that. I don’t really know. He starts talking about work, whichContinue reading “Bakersfield and Tehachapi”