One Simple Rule for Shopping at the Warehouse Store

Today I went to Costco, and it was packed. Like Christmas packed. I don’t know why– it was 1 o’clock on a Friday. The cashier said it was like that yesterday, too. Don’t people have to work? Where was everyone coming from? Anyway, I love Costco, because lots of things cost less in bulk. EvenContinue reading “One Simple Rule for Shopping at the Warehouse Store”

The Night I Got Carded

Last Saturday night, Cadillac and I wanted to go out and somehow (somehow) got bored with our regular routine, which goes something like this: Shop at Target with no kids. Date night at Target! Woot! Go to the bookstore and get coffee. Rinse and repeat. So, because I am brilliant, I actually looked in theContinue reading “The Night I Got Carded”

Sleep, or the Lack Thereof

If anybody gets an email from me today that makes no sense, just delete it. I already sent one to my husband by mistake (thank goodness it was just to him). I think I’ve gotten about 5 hours of sleep in the past two days. I have always had trouble sleeping. I had trouble sleepingContinue reading “Sleep, or the Lack Thereof”

Yard Sale Finds

Some finds today. We stopped by an estate sale and got this desk for $40. It needs some cleaning, but it’s solid wood and has dovetailed joints and doesn’t smell weird or anything. It even has a glass top, cut to its shape. I also saw a gorgeous china cabinet there that was the perfectContinue reading “Yard Sale Finds”

The Library and Me: A Fomite’s Tale

At ALA, someone from the organization interviewed me and asked what libraries mean to me. I told him lots of things. How I won several consecutive years of the library’s summer reading contest as a kid. How heavily my family uses the library (not just for reading, they also sponsor lots of activities, like jewelryContinue reading “The Library and Me: A Fomite’s Tale”

Car Sickness and Flat Tires: Family Vacation, National Lampoon-Style

After our sojourn to CalArts, we decided to go up to the Sequoias to see the big trees. We stayed the first night at a Best Western outside of the park, then went inside. The plan was to camp. We made reservations at a campsite, the only campsite available. It was about 20 miles awayContinue reading “Car Sickness and Flat Tires: Family Vacation, National Lampoon-Style”

Comic-Con 2012

Comic-Con was in San Diego this past weekend, and it was a zoo. About 140,000 people attend. Then there’s more random stuff people can do downtown, so even more people who aren’t attendees go. It is elbow-to-elbow crowded, but people are generally pleasant and wear creative costumes, so it’s a fun atmosphere once you canContinue reading “Comic-Con 2012”

Seals and Sentimentality: an Immodest, Unpopular Proposal for Children’s Pool

For years, I have watched a debate rage over the La Jolla Children’s Pool beach and the seals there. Watched as our city leaders, too scared by both sides, apparently, do basically nothing to fix the problem. Instead, they apply tiny Band-aids to staunch a wound that needs serious stitches. I’ve gone up there andContinue reading “Seals and Sentimentality: an Immodest, Unpopular Proposal for Children’s Pool”