Forgotten Samurai Women

Forgotten Samurai Women by Margaret Dilloway One day, my dad told me, “You know your mother was from a samurai family, right?” Um, no, didn’t know that. That kind of information is good to know!My mom had said only that her family had been the royal seal-bearers (which I guess, though it doesn’t sound asContinue reading “Forgotten Samurai Women”

Why Disney Princesses Aren’t As Bad As You Thought

  Around Halloween, there are plenty of princess-bashing articles floating around because of all the princess costumes and hoopla. The general idea is that having Cinderella or Snow White as a role model isn’t great, when you should be steering your girls toward warrior princesses like Mulan or Merida from Brave.  The other princesses, peopleContinue reading “Why Disney Princesses Aren’t As Bad As You Thought”

Secrets Your Lit Professor Wouldn’t Tell You

Breaking the hearts of English and Lit teachers everywhere, I have to admit a secret.   Book clubs often ask me this question, or a variation on this question: “We noticed the theme of XYZ in your book. Did you include ABC to support that theme?”   Usually, it’s an incredibly perceptive observation, and IContinue reading “Secrets Your Lit Professor Wouldn’t Tell You”