Super Strange True Christmas Voicemail

I forgot about this, but last Christmas, Cadillac got a strange voicemail from a restricted number. Was it a singing Christmas-gram? Was it meant for a kid? (Soooo scary if so). Who knows? Anyway. Now you can experience my little nightmare, too.

Looking for Bruce Lee’s Grave

For my birthday, he promised to take me out. I said I would like a romantic dinner, and he said he knew of a place someone had talked about.

But first, he had a surprise for me in the afternoon. “You’ll love it,” he said, and we drove up to Seattle. I wondered where he was taking me. The Space Needle? We’d only walked around the outside. We could be going anywhere. There were so many places we hadn’t been.

10 Things to Know by Age 40

I have always known That at last I would Take this road, but yesterday I did not know that it would be today. Narihira, 9th century I wrote, “Mom’s 29th birthday” on the calendar for today, but some ungrateful kid crossed it out and put, “40th.” Et tu, brute? I think the youngest did itContinue reading “10 Things to Know by Age 40”

Angry Daddy vs Tropical Shrub

Moving on to another portion of the house, we come to this tropical shrub thing. The foliage died during termite tenting, but it was starting to come back. I’m not sure what kind of plant it is– I believe it had orange red flowers that looked sort of like lilies, but were not lilies. OrContinue reading “Angry Daddy vs Tropical Shrub”

Because My Husband is 12

^^I can’t *wait* to see what searches bring people here, with a title like that! You try to set a good example for your kids. Don’t drip on the hardwood. Keep the water in the pool, where it belongs. It’s hard, though, when Dad is the instigator of mayhem. I was inside and Cadillac wasContinue reading “Because My Husband is 12”

Death of a Bougainvillea

Three trips to the dump later…that wretched plant is out of the yard. That was Cadillac’s weekend, putting the plant on the trailer he borrowed from his dad. The bougainvillea is the devil plant. Thorns EVERYWHERE, some three inches long. Paper flower leaves. An old-timey neighbor stopped by. “They’ve cut down that plant at leastContinue reading “Death of a Bougainvillea”