Introvert Parent, Extrovert Kid

I’m a writer, with naturally introverted tendencies. Sure, I can call out my extrovert once in a while when I’m speaking in public (which I actually enjoy!) or whatnot. But generally, I fritz out when there’s too much activity. Right now, my kids are at three different schools, and just driving and doing the basicsContinue reading “Introvert Parent, Extrovert Kid”

An Introduction to Grief

This is an essay I wrote a few years ago. My then-editor and I had talked about finding it a home someplace, so she asked me to pull it from my blog, but nothing came of it. I saw it in my “unpublished” folder and decided to re-publish it today. — My husband cannot cry.Continue reading “An Introduction to Grief”

In His Own Time– On the Spectrum of Normal

Anyway, we were at the grocery store and my son sees this kid. This kid has his head down, way down into his jacket like he’s just praying he’ll disappear. But Son walks up to him, grasps his hand, claps him on the shoulder, and says, “Hey, Old Buddy, how ya doin’?”

Parenting Vlog Question: Dealing with Kids’ Tantrums– and Your Own Tantrums

My first vlog question, courtesy of reader Lizzie Ann! How do you keep a 2-year-old from pitching a fit when she doesn’t get what she wants…more importantly, how do I keep myself from pitching a fit when I don’t get what I want?

The Introverts vs. the Extroverts

Luckily, understanding these differences has helped. I know my son and I need to have a fair amount of decompression time, alone. I know my youngest daughter needs to have far (far) more activities and social time than I require. I know my eldest can go either way, depending on her mood. I know my husband likes to be out and about more. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy activities, too, but I get tired quicker. And so my husband and I can facilitate these preferences for our kids, and for each other. It’s probably actually a good thing we have these different personalities, because it forces us to find a bit of balance.

Dealing with Annoying People: Kid Edition

Yesterday, the Boy complained that a kid in his class was bothering him. “He makes fun of my name,” he said. “How so?” I flashed to Cadillac’s description of pretty much every male, from high school to basic training, making fun of the last name. The name caused the drill sergeant, apparently, to double overContinue reading “Dealing with Annoying People: Kid Edition”

A Huge Box of Chocolates

The other day, in the midst of garage sale prep, I arrived home to find on my doorstep an enormous, heavy box. It was my Werther’s box! Huzzah! I belong to this site called Houseparty which allows you to apply for parties in which the company gives you stuff to give to your pals. InContinue reading “A Huge Box of Chocolates”