Angry Daddy vs the Bougainvillea

There is…was…a bougainvillea growing in the front, over an overhang. Two building inspectors said it should come down. Cadillac got a chainsaw and went to work today. Me: Maybe we shouldn’t cut the whole thing down today…after all, we have only one trashcan. Cadillac: I’m not. I’m just going to get this one part down.Continue reading “Angry Daddy vs the Bougainvillea”

Great Gatsby the Goldendoodle

A week and a half ago we became the honorary owners of Gatsby the Goldendoodle. Golden retriever, poodle. This is him after our hike and after he plunged into the black algae very low San Diego River. He has two speeds: Off, or HYPER! He’s 8 months old. His previous owner had an illness andContinue reading “Great Gatsby the Goldendoodle”

Let Us Never Speak of This Again: A Kind of Gross After Effect of Childbirth Nobody Really Talks About

When you have a kid, everybody warns you about certain physical changes that may occur. Droopy boobs. Stretch marks. Peeing when you cough or sneeze or laugh too hard. (Actually, they should make this part of high school sex ed. Show them photos of actual post-partum bellies and feet and veins, the way they showContinue reading “Let Us Never Speak of This Again: A Kind of Gross After Effect of Childbirth Nobody Really Talks About”

Spark Anthology Arrives

I have a short story in the new Spark anthology. I mentioned it before. My friend Brian Lewis, who was at the CalArts summer school with me, founded the journal this year, as a way to showcase CSSSA grads (and others). It officially comes out tomorrow, but you can get an e-copy or preorder rightContinue reading “Spark Anthology Arrives”

The Honey Badger of Breastfeeding

I am long past my breastfeeding days, but a couple of my close friends are pregnant, and it’s been in the news with the (non-case) of the breastfeeding professor, so I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Admittedly, most of my early-parent time is a haze– friends ask me how I potty trained or gotContinue reading “The Honey Badger of Breastfeeding”

Car Sickness and Flat Tires: Family Vacation, National Lampoon-Style

After our sojourn to CalArts, we decided to go up to the Sequoias to see the big trees. We stayed the first night at a Best Western outside of the park, then went inside. The plan was to camp. We made reservations at a campsite, the only campsite available. It was about 20 miles awayContinue reading “Car Sickness and Flat Tires: Family Vacation, National Lampoon-Style”

The Day the Earth Stood Still: A Man and a Craft Store

I just finished the editing/rewriting of my next book. Now it has to go to my agent, who will undoubtedly see items that slipped by me. Anyway, I worked a LOT this week to finish it, because the kids get out of school on Tuesday, and it’s really hard to work when they are atContinue reading “The Day the Earth Stood Still: A Man and a Craft Store”