Mommy Groups: The Power and the Glory

I gave Jeanine Cummins a blurb for her new novel, The Crooked Branch, which just released. It is an excellent, entertaining book, funny and dark in parts (with lots about the Irish potato famine) which everybody should immediately buy and read. You should also pick up THE OUTSIDE BOY (which I just recommended to myContinue reading “Mommy Groups: The Power and the Glory”

The Writer and the Whale: An Overactive Imagination

After Cadillac and I got back from our trip, I regaled the kids with tall tales about Cadillac. My kids’ motto, like the X-Files, is, “I WANT to Believe.” They love hearing stories and sometimes believe them, even if they are far-fetched. And they often add onto them, spinning them into Paul Bunyan-Babe the BlueContinue reading “The Writer and the Whale: An Overactive Imagination”

The First Day of School is the Best Day of School

My kids watch a show called Fred. The guy who plays Fred (who got his show by posting skits on YouTube, so good for him) speaks in a Chipmunk-esque voice that’s so annoying, I refused to watch it for years. But then I accidentally watched some and it was pretty funny. He sings a songContinue reading “The First Day of School is the Best Day of School”

In His Own Time– On the Spectrum of Normal

Anyway, we were at the grocery store and my son sees this kid. This kid has his head down, way down into his jacket like he’s just praying he’ll disappear. But Son walks up to him, grasps his hand, claps him on the shoulder, and says, “Hey, Old Buddy, how ya doin’?”

Dollhouse Progress

We’re making good progress on the old dollhouse. Apparently people who enjoy dressing up in Downton Abbey-esque costumes are going to live here, like the lady in purple, because my daughters decided it will have a modern kitchen. The purple lady is in what will be the kitchen. The wallpaper is Victorian era, allegedly. IContinue reading “Dollhouse Progress”