Because My Husband is 12

^^I can’t *wait* to see what searches bring people here, with a title like that!

You try to set a good example for your kids. Don’t drip on the hardwood. Keep the water in the pool, where it belongs. It’s hard, though, when Dad is the instigator of mayhem. I was inside and Cadillac was swimming with Little Girl, when I heard laughter and…sloshing.

All you have to do is jump up and down with that floatie ring on! Now the pool turns into an ocean every day, whether or not he’s home.

Then Cadillac got bored with that and had to entertain himself.

Gatsby is still leery of the pool, but he likes to be included on the fun, too. This is Gatsby’s new favorite game.


Angry Daddy vs the Bougainvillea

There is…was…a bougainvillea growing in the front, over an overhang. Two building inspectors said it should come down. Cadillac got a chainsaw and went to work today.

Me: Maybe we shouldn’t cut the whole thing down today…after all, we have only one trashcan.

Cadillac: I’m not. I’m just going to get this one part down.

Wanna see the one part he “got down”?

This is now the view out the front window. That used to be up on the trellis.


Totally under control!