Death of a Bougainvillea

Three trips to the dump later…that wretched plant is out of the yard. That was Cadillac’s weekend, putting the plant on the trailer he borrowed from his dad. The bougainvillea is the devil plant. Thorns EVERYWHERE, some three inches long. Paper flower leaves. An old-timey neighbor stopped by. “They’ve cut down that plant at leastContinue reading “Death of a Bougainvillea”

Angry Daddy vs the Bougainvillea

There is…was…a bougainvillea growing in the front, over an overhang. Two building inspectors said it should come down. Cadillac got a chainsaw and went to work today. Me: Maybe we shouldn’t cut the whole thing down today…after all, we have only one trashcan. Cadillac: I’m not. I’m just going to get this one part down.Continue reading “Angry Daddy vs the Bougainvillea”

Yard Sale Finds

Some finds today. We stopped by an estate sale and got this desk for $40. It needs some cleaning, but it’s solid wood and has dovetailed joints and doesn’t smell weird or anything. It even has a glass top, cut to its shape. I also saw a gorgeous china cabinet there that was the perfectContinue reading “Yard Sale Finds”