Homemade Goo Gone to Remove Glue

The kitchen in this house had a very large island in the center. It was so large, in fact, that you could not go around one side without turning sideways, and then only if you were of fairly slim build. I was one Thanksgiving dinner away from not making it through. Luckily, it was onlyContinue reading “Homemade Goo Gone to Remove Glue”

Angry Daddy vs Tropical Shrub

Moving on to another portion of the house, we come to this tropical shrub thing. The foliage died during termite tenting, but it was starting to come back. I’m not sure what kind of plant it is– I believe it had orange red flowers that looked sort of like lilies, but were not lilies. OrContinue reading “Angry Daddy vs Tropical Shrub”

Because My Husband is 12

^^I can’t *wait* to see what searches bring people here, with a title like that! You try to set a good example for your kids. Don’t drip on the hardwood. Keep the water in the pool, where it belongs. It’s hard, though, when Dad is the instigator of mayhem. I was inside and Cadillac wasContinue reading “Because My Husband is 12”