We’re making good progress on the old dollhouse. Apparently people who enjoy dressing up in Downton Abbey-esque costumes are going to live here, like the lady in purple, because my daughters decided it will have a modern kitchen.

The purple lady is in what will be the kitchen. The wallpaper is Victorian era, allegedly.


I made that desk from the kit. It was a really really old kit, balsa wood, so it was all warped. I just hot glued it all together. It looks better in the pic than it does in person. I probably should not have admitted that.

This is the upstairs parlor, or The Bar/Entertainment room, as my daughter calls it. She thought having this room was very important, and I cannot say I disagree with her. The occupants are obviously world travelers. Now we just need some more furniture, lighting, and lots of objects. Sort of like Indiana Jones meets The Most Interesting Man in the World. So far the people also have lots of animals, at least 10. There are no allergies in Dollhouse World.