Kid Milestones: Unlocked!

My youngest turned 10 a couple of days ago, but this morning it really hit me. We have NO kids in the single digits anymore.  Milestone unlocked. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's bittersweet-- she's our BABY, she's not supposed to AGE!-- but we all know how the days are short but the years are long already, … Continue reading Kid Milestones: Unlocked!

Beach Day

On Sunday, we went to the beach with two of Cadillac's cousins and some of their children and Cadillac's dad and our children, so with (doing some math...[i.e. counting on my fingers]) 12 people. The cousins live in other cities, so we don't see them that much; and some of them live in Colorado, so … Continue reading Beach Day

The Library and Me: A Fomite’s Tale

At ALA, someone from the organization interviewed me and asked what libraries mean to me. I told him lots of things. How I won several consecutive years of the library's summer reading contest as a kid. How heavily my family uses the library (not just for reading, they also sponsor lots of activities, like jewelry … Continue reading The Library and Me: A Fomite’s Tale

Comic-Con 2012

Comic-Con was in San Diego this past weekend, and it was a zoo. About 140,000 people attend. Then there's more random stuff people can do downtown, so even more people who aren't attendees go. It is elbow-to-elbow crowded, but people are generally pleasant and wear creative costumes, so it's a fun atmosphere once you can … Continue reading Comic-Con 2012

20 Free or Low-Cost Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

It is May. I am afraid that this does not adequately express the panic in my voice. It is MAY, people! May means the last full month of school. May means JUNE is coming very very soon, which means school will be OUT. Phineas and Ferb say: There’s 104 Days of Summer Vacation, And school … Continue reading 20 Free or Low-Cost Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

In Which Margaret Forces the Children to Be Cultured and (Nearly) Fights Hipster Parents

In my never-ending quest to win the Worst Mother in the Universe, Hands-Down (I hope my trophy comes with Hands-Down on it) I took the kids to LA on New Year's Day to LACMA. Which is the LA County Museum of Art. My MIL used to lament how none of the Dilloway girls had any … Continue reading In Which Margaret Forces the Children to Be Cultured and (Nearly) Fights Hipster Parents

Food Bits

For as long as I've known him, Cadillac has been looking for Double Bock by Sam Adams. "It's the greatest beer on the planet," he always says. For one reason or another, we never found it during all these years. Once we were told it was the wrong season; it's only produced in the fall. … Continue reading Food Bits