The Change is Happening

No, not THAT kind of change. A different kind of change.  Today I exited the house as a trade wind blew its chill fingers over me and I shivered, reaching for my sweater.  I got in the car and looked at the thermometer. 78 degrees. Really? I am COLD when it’s 78 degrees?  How coldContinue reading “The Change is Happening”

Why Does This Look Like Cali?

I knew there were 72 steps. What I did not know was that there was a hike up to those steps, and another 99 steps following those 72 steps. Also, I did not know that Diamond Head crater would be like hiking southern California in the middle of a summer day. Breezeless (the crater walls keeping out any coolness), bone-dry, crackling hot. Thus, I brought only one bottle of water, which I finished halfway up the path to the stairs.