Rock Bottom Remainders at ALA

This is the fact: I generally have a better time when I am wearing flats, not heels. Heels (the possible exception being those leather-soled ballroom dance heels, which I haven’t broken out for years) force me into being an observer rather than a participant. You should be glad I thought of this last night asContinue reading “Rock Bottom Remainders at ALA”

The Day the Earth Stood Still: A Man and a Craft Store

I just finished the editing/rewriting of my next book. Now it has to go to my agent, who will undoubtedly see items that slipped by me. Anyway, I worked a LOT this week to finish it, because the kids get out of school on Tuesday, and it’s really hard to work when they are atContinue reading “The Day the Earth Stood Still: A Man and a Craft Store”

Secrets Your Lit Professor Wouldn’t Tell You

Breaking the hearts of English and Lit teachers everywhere, I have to admit a secret.   Book clubs often ask me this question, or a variation on this question: “We noticed the theme of XYZ in your book. Did you include ABC to support that theme?”   Usually, it’s an incredibly perceptive observation, and IContinue reading “Secrets Your Lit Professor Wouldn’t Tell You”


This is going around the ‘nets and I’ve been tagged a few times. 1. Go to the 77th page of your WIP or latest book. 2. Count down 7 lines. 3. Copy the 7 sentences that follow, and post them. 4. Tag 7 other authors. I’m pretty sure all my author buds have been taggedContinue reading “THE CARE AND HANDLING OF ROSES WITH THORNS Teaser: 7 Lines”

Hulthemia Hybrid Rose Finally Here!

Today I went to Armstrong Gardens to look at their roses– last year they were selling some David Austins– and look what I found! A rose breeder named Jim Sproul, who works out of Bakersfield, was instrumental in helping me out with THE CARE AND HANDLING OF ROSES WITH THORNS– he told me about theContinue reading “Hulthemia Hybrid Rose Finally Here!”

Fiftyfifty: Reading 50 Books, Watching 50 Films

Over on you can sign up to be part of a challenge: read 50 books for 2012, watch 50 films for 2012. Reading’s no problem. But do I watch 50 films? Most of the time, there’s a kid movie playing on TV when there is a movie on. Most of the time, it’s anContinue reading “Fiftyfifty: Reading 50 Books, Watching 50 Films”

Writing Wednesday: Books for Boys

Okay, this post isn’t really about writing, but about something closely related: reading. Today I read James Patterson‘s article, “How to get your kid to be a fanatic reader.” There’s a section about getting boys to read. I think Patterson has a great point– boys should read what appeals to them. About twelve years ago,Continue reading “Writing Wednesday: Books for Boys”

Adventures by the Book: Japanese Friendship Garden

I did an event at the Japanese Friendship Garden for Adventures by the Book. My book is a natural fit for the garden. I did the Cherry Blossom festival and filmed the video there, so I really know my way around. It’s a beautiful garden. There’s a canyon in the back, below, where there willContinue reading “Adventures by the Book: Japanese Friendship Garden”