Corona Library

On Saturday, Cadillac and I headed up to the Corona Library to do a program. Corona is a city in Riverside County (I think) that used to produce a lot of oranges. The city was built around a circular road (a crown, i.e. Corona) and therefore has many big beautiful Victorians and other houses. We … Continue reading Corona Library

Breast Lumps and Blooming Hulthemia

In the mammogram room, a sign reads something like, "You may be asked to come in for more tests. Please know that the vast majority of these tests reveal nothing significant. We understand this is nerve-wracking. Blah blah blah."

Hulthemia Hybrid Rose Finally Here!

Today I went to Armstrong Gardens to look at their roses-- last year they were selling some David Austins-- and look what I found! A rose breeder named Jim Sproul, who works out of Bakersfield, was instrumental in helping me out with THE CARE AND HANDLING OF ROSES WITH THORNS-- he told me about the … Continue reading Hulthemia Hybrid Rose Finally Here!