Spark Anthology Arrives

I have a short story in the new Spark anthology. I mentioned it before. My friend Brian Lewis, who was at the CalArts summer school with me, founded the journal this year, as a way to showcase CSSSA grads (and others). It officially comes out tomorrow, but you can get an e-copy or preorder rightContinue reading “Spark Anthology Arrives”

Spark: A Creative Anthology

As regular blog readers know, 20 years ago, I attended the California State Summer School for the Arts at CalArts in Valencia for creative writing. I count this as the single most transformative educational experience of my young student life, a month when I got to hang out with other artists and concentrate solely onContinue reading “Spark: A Creative Anthology”

The Writer and the Whale: An Overactive Imagination

After Cadillac and I got back from our trip, I regaled the kids with tall tales about Cadillac. My kids’ motto, like the X-Files, is, “I WANT to Believe.” They love hearing stories and sometimes believe them, even if they are far-fetched. And they often add onto them, spinning them into Paul Bunyan-Babe the BlueContinue reading “The Writer and the Whale: An Overactive Imagination”

Omega Nu Luncheon Fundraiser

I just got back from a 5-day trip to the Bay Area of Northern California. It was a work/pleasure/work trip for us. Cadillac had to go audit a bunch of offices. Being overly ambitious, we visited about 25 over 3 1/2 work days, covering 1000 miles. Woot! But we did get to have dinner inContinue reading “Omega Nu Luncheon Fundraiser”

Bakersfield and Tehachapi

Cadillac said a couple weeks ago that he had to go to Bakersfield to audit some offices. At first I thought he’d become a Scientologist (da-dum-dum!) but then learned he had to go look at paperwork in credit unions and banks or something like that. I don’t really know. He starts talking about work, whichContinue reading “Bakersfield and Tehachapi”

A “Roses” Sermon

My friend Kathy Patrick of Beauty and the Book and the Pulpwood Queens wrote to me a couple weeks ago, letting me know that her pastor, Allison Byerly, used The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns in her Sunday sermon in Jefferson, Texas. How cool is that? She cited page 251, where Dara talksContinue reading “A “Roses” Sermon”

Corona Library

On Saturday, Cadillac and I headed up to the Corona Library to do a program. Corona is a city in Riverside County (I think) that used to produce a lot of oranges. The city was built around a circular road (a crown, i.e. Corona) and therefore has many big beautiful Victorians and other houses. WeContinue reading “Corona Library”