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The care and handling of roses with thorns

Roses Book Club

My junior high school English teacher invited me to a book club at her house last weekend. A few houses down from her lives Ruth the Rose Lady. Almost every square foot of her plot, including the parking strips, are covered in roses, each labeled.

Luckily, Ruth confirmed I’d gotten my rose facts right (phew!) and then took us on a tour of the rose garden.






A “Roses” Sermon

English: King David Handing the Letter to Uria...
English: King David Handing the Letter to Uriah (1611) by Pieter Lastman, oil on panel, 51.1 x 61.3 cm, Detroit Institute of Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My friend Kathy Patrick of Beauty and the Book and the Pulpwood Queens wrote to me a couple weeks ago, letting me know that her pastor, Allison Byerly, used The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns in her Sunday sermon in Jefferson, Texas.

How cool is that?

She cited page 251, where Dara talks to Gal about their relationship, and relates it to the story of <a href="“>David and Uriah. King David made a series of bad decisions that culminating in having a soldier named Uriah killed, so David could be with his wife.

How does that relate to my women’s fiction story?

In the book, Gal had isolated herself and was not always making the best decisions, or being the nicest friend.

I think the message here is we need other people to slap us out of our narrow-view world. Be the friend that isn’t a yes man, that says, “Hey, that’s not right. Cut it out.” Even if it’s a risk.

Too often, people keep their mouths shut because they don’t want to lose the friendship, or they want to be seen as non-judgmental and supportive. But sometimes people need a nudge and another perspective.

Roses in Entertainment Weekly

Which would blow your mind more? That your mom’s book and her name got a little mention in Entertainment Weekly‘s “Summer Guide” double issue:




OR, that Sacha Baron Cohen was the voice of King Julien the ring-tailed lemur in the Madagascar movies?

I got a nice surprise yesterday when my EW came in the mail and I saw my book mentioned. Yay! I immediately showed the issue to my kids. The two younger ones were gratifyingly excited. “Oh boy! Mom’s in a magazine!” they shouted.

Eldest said, “I want proof!” and had to make sure my name was actually in there and I wasn’t totally making it up  and finally granted me a, “Cool.”

Later, she stopped me and Cadillac in the kitchen. “You’ll never believe this!” she said. She told us that her friend told her that Sacha Baron Cohen was the voice of King Julien in the Madagascar movies. “I was like, AHHHH!” she said, and slapped her cheeks in a Home Alone stance. Widened her eyes. Almost lost her mind. “Can you BELIEVE IT?! Sacha Baron Cohen is King Julien! I can’t believe it.”

Sacha Baron Cohen, stealing my thunder.


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