Fifty/Fifty for February

1. Diary of a Mad Fat Girl, by Stephanie McAfee. This is a fun and funny book, and so is the author, whom I met at the Pulpwood Queens Girlfriends’ Weekend. She first self-pubbed it as an e-book, where it landed on the NY Times Bestseller list! And now it’s at Costco and all theContinue reading “Fifty/Fifty for February”

Jack in the Box Bacon Shake

I walked into my local Jack in the Box after school and asked if they were selling the bacon shake. “Bacon shakes?” said another customer, a man holding a toothpick in his mouth. “BACON SHAKE? What is that? Is it a shake that tastes like bacon?” The girl nodded.”It’s new,” she said. “I’ll give youContinue reading “Jack in the Box Bacon Shake”

Unhappy Birthday

Today is my birthday. I was just remembering my 15th birthday. My friend and I loved the Smiths, and I loved the song, “Unhappy Birthday.” So my friend, especially for me, called our local favorite radio station, 91X, and requested that they play the song for my birthday. That morning, I turned on my radioContinue reading “Unhappy Birthday”

In Which Margaret Forces the Children to Be Cultured and (Nearly) Fights Hipster Parents

In my never-ending quest to win the Worst Mother in the Universe, Hands-Down (I hope my trophy comes with Hands-Down on it) I took the kids to LA on New Year’s Day to LACMA. Which is the LA County Museum of Art. My MIL used to lament how none of the Dilloway girls had anyContinue reading “In Which Margaret Forces the Children to Be Cultured and (Nearly) Fights Hipster Parents”