Think Before You Buy: Vinegar in the Cleaning Aisle

I like to use green cleaning products whenever I can, because I’m sensitive to regular cleaning products. Cleaning with vinegar has been around since…forever. I remember watching an old episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (yep,very very old) when Sara Snow came on and demonstrated to Kate, the OCD germophobe, how to use vinegarContinue reading “Think Before You Buy: Vinegar in the Cleaning Aisle”

Ice Skating for Dummies

I have never considered myself to be an athletic person, but I think I have latent athletic ability. For example, I was a monkey when I was a kid, climbing to the tippy tops of the neighbors’ trees. I climbed ledges on the mountain to get to hidden waterfalls. I was the fastest runner inContinue reading “Ice Skating for Dummies”