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March Photo a Day 14: Clouds

I’m behind on Photo a Day. It began with clouds– there were no clouds at all the day of the assignment. It rained over the weekend. I took both of these on Friday, March 16.




March Photo a Day 13: a Sign

The assignment was a Sign.

I just got this for my car yesterday and couldn’t resist. It’s my Smart Girl Mudflap.

I like the palm trees and sky reflecting, too.

BTW, it photographed better with a dirty window than with a clean.


March Photo A Day 11

Someone I talked to:


What can I say? I’m a writer. I work solo.


Cat spends most of his spare time meowing at one door, coming inside, meowing at another door to get out, then going to yet another door to get in. As if to prove he can bend us humans to his will. He wants us to leave all the door and windows open for him.

March Photo a Day: Day 9

Day 9: Red.


Day 5 March Photo a Day:Smile


Photo of the Day: Day 2, Fruit


Photo of the Day challenge for March 2012: Day 2, take a picture of fruit.

Photo a Day, Day 1: Up

Because I am running out of procrastination ideas, I’m doing this photo a day challenge.

Here’s Photo 1: Up.

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