Some finds today.

We stopped by an estate sale and got this desk for $40. It needs some cleaning, but it’s solid wood and has dovetailed joints and doesn’t smell weird or anything. It even has a glass top, cut to its shape.

I also saw a gorgeous china cabinet there that was the perfect size, but two ladies had “spoken for it.” I have to tell you, the ladies (one very very elderly, one fairly elderly) were discussing the potential purchase, and they had a) no way to get it home b) nobody to carry it and c) no place to put it. They were going to put it in a GARAGE. To KEEP.

Please, don’t hoard beautiful affordable china cabinets in your garage, when the cabinet would have lovingly held my mother’s china. Humph.


Then we went to the swap meet, where these dollhouses were $10 each. I asked if he’d take $15 for both and he said sure. Similar dollhouse kits cost around $45 each. That is, unbuilt. We don’t mind refinishing.

These are solidly built, heavy-ish dollhouses.



Our house has been overrun with dollhouses, and my husband’s been very understanding. I always need a PROJECT to do.

These houses are destined to be a Christmas house (Santa’s workshop!) and a Halloween house. I’m picturing Miss Havisham waiting in one of the rooms with a moldy wedding cake.