I Am Not Your Professional Photographer

So, I was standing here minding my own business, breaking up a fight between Squidward and Patrick the Starfish (two plastic things which were not meant to represent cartoon characters) and watching my three charges besides, when an older couple with two young kids (ages 2 and maybe 10 months) accosted me.

Handling Lows and Highs

Let me tell you about my week. My week had some bad, and good, parts. I found out that noncompaction cardiomyopathy, a rare genetic condition, runs in my family, and that my heart’s walls are thick in the same areas as affected family members. Though my walls are thicker than average in some areas, myContinue reading “Handling Lows and Highs”

Cooking Disasters

I’ve been having a spate of cooking mishaps. Not all in a row, frequent enough so I’ve kept track and saved them up to tell you about them. Sous Vide salmon Cooking disaster number one: Hazelnut and Coriander Spiced Sous-Vide Salmon. This looked like a Good Idea at the time. No fishy smell! (Not thatContinue reading “Cooking Disasters”

March Photo a Day 18: A Corner of Your House

This was the most interesting corner of my house. We have three fish in there: an angel fish, a tiger barb, and a red platy. Originally, there was a guppy instead of an angel fish, but the tiger barb attacked the guppy and killed it. We then went to a proper aquarium store as opposedContinue reading “March Photo a Day 18: A Corner of Your House”

March Photo a Day 17: Green

This is called a “shamrock plant.” I found some growing in a pot outside and got excited because I thought I’d found 4 leaf clovers. It is really Oxalis regnellii, or sorrel.When I was looking up the plant, I kept seeing the oxalis regnelli listed as a purple shamrock, but I’m going to defer toContinue reading “March Photo a Day 17: Green”