Day Trip: Julian

Julian, California is a gold mining town up in the San Diego Cuyamaca mountains, famous for its apple pie and apple orchards (though, interestingly, the apples in those pies are by and large not from Julian, the volume demanded being too great for those orchards to keep up). We hadn’t been back to Julian inContinue reading “Day Trip: Julian”

Holiday (and sugar) overload. Or is that overlord?

Later, this wanting turns into a Super Big Glamorous Sweet Sixteen and before you know it, you’re being featured on MTV and your kid’s crying because you bought her the white BMW instead of the black. Then this turns into wanting an Even Bigger More Spectacular Not Disappointing Wedding on top of it, in which dancing leprechauns fall out helicopters throwing gold coins into the streets and the bride (your kid) is pulling her maid-of-honor’s hair because she refused to wear the high heeled shoes.

Meet Damnbill and Summer Salt

My kids like naming things. Ethan has come up “Butterscotch” for a small stuffed Golden Retriever toy and “Hiro Fishcakes” for our real Siamese cat. Adorable, right? The names Kaiya comes up with are positively– well, sometimes you just wonder where she got it from, and hope it wasn’t from you. This is Ranger GIContinue reading “Meet Damnbill and Summer Salt”

100 Most Dangerous

Dear Parents of Ethan’s Classmates: I hereby apologize in advance for this Friday’s field trip to the nature center.  On the way there and during the nature walk, your children were no doubt terrified with facts on with how mosquitoes are one of the 100 Most Dangerous Creatures on the planet, due to their malariaContinue reading “100 Most Dangerous”