Here Comes Peter Cottontail Giveaway

I vaguely remember seeing this 1971 flick when I was a kid. Back then, I thought all movies were shot through with “snow” due to our poor reception and the quality of the video. This movie belongs on the shelf next to all your other Claymation classics, like FROSTY THE SNOWMAN, RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER,Continue reading “Here Comes Peter Cottontail Giveaway”

Holiday (and sugar) overload. Or is that overlord?

Later, this wanting turns into a Super Big Glamorous Sweet Sixteen and before you know it, you’re being featured on MTV and your kid’s crying because you bought her the white BMW instead of the black. Then this turns into wanting an Even Bigger More Spectacular Not Disappointing Wedding on top of it, in which dancing leprechauns fall out helicopters throwing gold coins into the streets and the bride (your kid) is pulling her maid-of-honor’s hair because she refused to wear the high heeled shoes.