My husband was offered a job in Hawaii a couple days ago. Since the other job he was in the running for said they were still considering, he took the Hawaii job.
But wait. He starts work on Monday, the day after Easter, training here in San Diego. Then he reports for work in Honolulu the Monday after that.
If my head explodes and no one is around to here it, does it still make a sound?
My mind is spinning with logistical questions. Mostly about posting all of our vast collection of, well, junk on Craigslist and starting anew. I think our Thomas the Train collection will net a tidy sum, as will our CostPlus rubberwood table.
So I will stay behind. I will finish doing the edits on my book. I will take care of the kiddos. I will sell our stuff and pack what we have.
Don’t feel too bad for me. My in-laws live like a mile away and they’re experienced at moving and such. I’m sure they’ll help.
But still. Blows mah mind and is exciting at the same time.
Is it sad that what I’m MOST excited about is that our health insurance will be AWESOME, will cost less than $200 a month for the whole fam, and will begin immediately? After shelling out big bucks for COBRA, who can blame me?
Stay tuned for more on our big adventure.

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