Bento for First Day of School

Tomorrow is the first day of school! The backpacks are ready. The kiddos have fresh haircuts. The outfits are picked out and ready to go. I'm probably more excited than they are. Actually, my youngest is really excited, because she loves school and seeing all her friends every day. My son is excited, because he … Continue reading Bento for First Day of School


10 Ingredient Challenge

When my mom's group gets together without kids for a Mom's Night In, we usually have a lot of food. And wine. And sometimes we have theme nights and contests. Recently, we had a Top Chef-esque 10-ingredient challenge. You had to use 5 of these 10 ingredients to make a dish: Cheese Chocolate Mango Peach … Continue reading 10 Ingredient Challenge

Using Up Summer Fruit (if you’re not afraid of butter)

We got invited to a cookout recently, and while we weren't told to bring anything except ourselves, of course we did. I decided to make a cobbler, which I hadn't before. Moreover, I decided to double the recipe and use strawberries along with yellow and white peaches, because I am crazy like that. Don't you … Continue reading Using Up Summer Fruit (if you’re not afraid of butter)