10 Ingredient Challenge

When my mom’s group gets together without kids for a Mom’s Night In, we usually have a lot of food. And wine. And sometimes we have theme nights and contests. Recently, we had a Top Chef-esque 10-ingredient challenge. You had to use 5 of these 10 ingredients to make a dish:


That 5th ingredient makes it difficult.

You can also use whatever else you want (i.e. salt, butter, flour) but it has to include 5 of these ingredients.

I decided to make a tart. I have never made a tart, nor one with such specialized ingredients. I found this recipe for a chocolate pear tart, and adapted it thusly:

1. I food-processed basil with sugar, to make basil-sugar to incorporate the basil.
2. I used peaches and mangoes instead of pears. I did not add anything to make them sweeter.

This is how it looked. The crust got a little brown.


It tasted pretty good, but here’s the thing. The dark chocolate goes better with the sweetness of the fruit, but the bacon would have been better, I think, contrasted with a milk chocolate, to give it that sweet/salty contrast. So it was really difficult to marry all these ingredients in the tart.

Here’s a recipe for a milk chocolate bacon tart.

Everyone else made a cheese corny dish, but alas, my dish did not win.

The chocolate part was really good, so I’d make it again with the pears, as pictured; or if I wanted the bacon, I’d do the milk chocolate bacon tart.

The basil was subtle and imparts a cinnamony type of flavor, rather than straight basil.

Thoughts? Comments?

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