48 Hour Film Project

My amazing improv team, Big Shoes, formed a 48 hour film festival team this year. Two of our members, Mark and Randy, had done the fest in northern CA and Tijuana, respectively. Austin’s brother Mason flew in from Austin (ha ha) with his camera equipment and extensive knowledge (he also composed music!). And the team members with time all wanted to help.

On a Friday evening, a team member pulls two categories. We got Mystery or Road Trip. We picked Road Trip. We spent Friday evening planning out the movie and “writing” it (i.e. plotting out the story/tone/characters etc, but not writing dialogue because that’s kind of hard to memorize so quickly and hey– IMPROVISERS!). Saturday was spent filming at Stacey’s house and then editing into the night. Sunday was more editing.

On Wednesday the 29th of May we had the premiere. They split the films into groups. It was so cool to be there when the audience saw it for the first time and LAUGHED where they were supposed to– then grow quiet at the emotional turn (sniff).

And then– the film won the Audience Choice Award for our group!

Diane, Mark, and Tristan did such a lovely job acting in this.

Austin, Tristan, me, Stacey, Mark, Paul, and Randy, missing Diane, who was out of town; and Mason, who lives out of town.

Thoughts? Comments?

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