The kitchen in this house had a very large island in the center. It was so large, in fact, that you could not go around one side without turning sideways, and then only if you were of fairly slim build. I was one Thanksgiving dinner away from not making it through.

Luckily, it was only held in place by some kind of spackle or glue, so we moved the island to a different location.

However, the spackle left a residue on the tile.

I used Goof Off on it. Goof Off is a heavy duty cleaner. With that, you have to wear gloves that won’t dissolve.

That’s right. Gloves that won’t dissolve. Not exactly stuff I like using around kids. Or myself.

You also have to have the windows open and several fans blowing, and a mask, and eye protection. So you don’t die. Wouldn’t that be a horrible way to go? From cleaning tile? Totally not worth it. You’d end up on some weird TV show about strange ways people bit the dust.

Anyway, the Goof Off got a little of the spackle off. Not all of it.It was still tacky and collected dirt, so soon it looked the same as it did before.

Then I saw this. 33 cleaning tricks. This is #32, half baking soda, half coconut oil, to make a homemade non-toxic Goo Gone (or Goof Off).

This, I thought, will never work.

But because I had both ingredients, I said, why not?

This is the floor before:


These are the ingredients. I used 1/4 cup of baking soda and a 1/4 cup of coconut oil. The proportions are 50/50, so just make what you need:


This is after:

Looks better, doesn’t i?

I used a scrubby pad and elbow grease. My main problem was that my hands and arms got tired. Also, the dog tried to eat it as I was doing it. I will have Cadillac go over it again. I rinsed with hot water, then went over it with a wet Swiffer. I’m not noticing any slipperiness or residue.