Newsy News

Happy New Year!

I’ve been safely underground in my writing cave (actually a lot like a cave, not intentionally) and so have been remiss in blogging. But here’s some stuff to report.

My dad found a Gil Webber for Christmas, so yay! (I am NOT asking what he paid. Seriously).

The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns won Pulpwood Queen’s Bonus Book of the Year! Double yay! I go to Texas next week to accept my award. 

My kids are all in activities now, and I spend every afternoon driving around. It is 7:30 and I’m just now sitting down NOT in a car. So if people who are not in these activities wonder what has become of me, that is what. I have made dinner once this week so far– the rest has been ready made or mostly made or take out. 

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