A Medical Quibble

I really hate it when I go to the doctor’s office and fill out a million forms, and while I’m leaving and I have to make a follow-up, the admin says, “What’s your name/birthdate/phone number?” Why are those systems not linked? Didn’t I just fill out that crap out? 

The insurance told us to go to a Vons pharmacy to get flu shots. We got flu shots there last year. They didn’t have us in their system anymore, and we had to fill out new forms, which she had to manually type in. There’s a lot of room for error when things are read and typed in back and forth. Why couldn’t she just login to the insurance and get that info?

In Hawaii, our medical people had one computerized system that was all connected. I think Kaiser has something similar. You could also log in and view the results of every single test you took and details of every visit.

Why isn’t there just one big nationwide medical database? Every doctor, no matter what hospital they’re in, should be able to login. Every pharmacy. Like a CarFax for your medical records.

This does not seem like it should be too hard to do. 


Thoughts? Comments?

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