What OctoMom and I Have in Common

5 thoughts on “What OctoMom and I Have in Common

  1. I don’t know why you are so against the octomom having her own show on how to raise kids, i mean come on she has to be the best mom out there because she has so many!

    Seriously, I think people should pass some sort of test before they become parents. If they don’t pass they are automatically spayed or neutered.

    I’m looking forward to more of your parenting vlogs! I have a question for you, How do you keep a 2 year old from pitching a fit because she doesn’t get what she wants, more importantly, how do I keep myself from pitching a fit because I didn’t get what I want?

    Merry Christmas! I’m LOVING your American Housewife book. I just checked it out from the library, but I think It’ll have buy it so that it can be a permanent fixture in my house and so that you can feed your kids.

  2. That woman makes my brain hurt. If you watch her talk to anyone on television, you can clearly see she has mental issues which lead you to believe she couldn’t take care of a cat let alone a few dozen kids. They also need to throw that idiot doctor in jail…or make him pay for all those kids. The only reason she has made it this far is because the general public feels sorry for her children. Ridiculous.

    The End..

  3. When the hands are there, I watch them. I still listen to you, but I watch them. When they’re not, I wonder why you’re hardly moving. Blurry hands are entertaining.

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