I participated in the Fifty/Fifty Challenge for 2012. You’re supposed to watch 50 movies and read 50 books. I used Pinterest to keep track of it. I mostly forgot about it, though, until the end of the year, when I tried to remember all the books and movies I’d seen. Whoops! I looked at my piles of books and Goodreads and my Netflix history and mostly asked my husband what we saw. So it’s MOSTLY accurate, though I wouldn’t testify to its veracity in front of a jury of my peers.

We also watched a lot of TV shows and BBC stuff. My daughter forces us to watch a lot of Doctor Who, for example. Boy, there are a lot of plot holes in that show, and whenever I ask Eldest stuff like, “Why doesn’t he just use his Sonic Screwdriver on those alien collars?” she rolls her eyes and says, “Because it’s Doctor Who, Mother. Gosh.” It’s almost like they improv the script.

Anyway, I cannot say for certain whether or not I’ll be able to keep a list for 2013. I can barely remember to take out stuff to defrost for dinner.