Babycakes San Diego

It’s no secret that I love cupcakes. If you do not like cupcakes, then you might as well take the Constitution out of its archival glass case and set it on fire, because it means you are not a patriot. (I’m awfully good at hyperbole. I should go into politics. Except I’m really a wimp).

In truth, I don’t eat cupcakes all the time. Just some of the time. And because they’re smaller than a cake, you can pretend it’s much better for you.

Well, anyway, in San Diego I made a friend take me to In n Out, where I found out about Animal Style fries. This is what happened:

Me at counter: Cheese burger, animal style, and fries.
Guy: That will be $7.
Me: Ok.
Guy: For here or to go?
Me(thinking about something else entirely): Yes.
Guy: Huh?
Me: I mean, for here. Sorry.

So dude thought I wanted an Animal Style Burger WITH Animal Style fries. The lady plopped down a tray: cheeseburger, animal-style, and fries covered in melted cheese, grilled onions, sauce, and meat. I think. I said I didn’t want them. She said, “He charged you $2 extra.” Well, I’m from Hawaii. What I paid in San Diego was still cheaper than what I’d pay in Hawaii. In n Out cheeseburgers are $2 and something. I was just happy it was under $10.

Plus, who would order Animal Style fries AND an animal-style hamburger? I know. Some people would.

While we waited for my regular fries, my friend told me about a new cupcake shop in Hillcrest. “I can take you there if you like,” she said, and would I say no? Even after I ate In n Out? Of course not.

Then we went to Babycakes.

I have chandelier envy.

Frosting shots, anyone?

So many to choose from, so little room in my belly. I shouldn’t have had a burger first.

We got these: a PB&J, which is chocolate with a peanut butter buttercream, swirled with jam; and a blood orange, which has cream cheese frosting and blueberries on the bottom.

They tasted as good as they looked.

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