Writing Wednesdays: Process: Final Edits

I got edits back for my new book last Tuesday morning. On Monday, my editor told me they were coming and made this suggestion, among others: “I think just a small notice about Gal’s own solitude/her solitary ways even when surrounded by ‘company’ could give us an emotional boost. Does that make sense?” Nope, itContinue reading “Writing Wednesdays: Process: Final Edits”

Writing Wednesday: Breaking the Rules

At last, I have opened my curtains and emerged, blinking, in the daylight.  I work in my bedroom at a desk next to a large sliding glass door, and if the curtains are open, all I see is glare.  Bright light!  Bright light!  (I’m also like a Gremlin in that I cannot eat after midnight). Continue reading “Writing Wednesday: Breaking the Rules”