So I made these recently from a recipe on Instructables

I was worried they wouldn’t turn out, like so many of the other nifty recipes I find on the Internets, but no need. (The sous vide salmon from that guy who wrote the really expensive cookbook, on the other hand, was a freaking DISASTER and I will write about that some other time).

Basically, you take two Oreos per cupcake cup (24 total), smear peanut butter in between, and then top them with brownie mix. I used Ghiradelli brownie mix and natural organic peanut butter, though I think the peanut butter was too dry; maybe use Jiff or one of the shelf-stable ones with added sugar (it’s softer)

I took the advice of a commenter and dipped the Oreos in melted butter first. Yes. A heart attack waiting to happen.

Then you bake for 20 minutes and it’s super easy and they look like this:

]See, even in unnatural light with a camera phone they look pretty darn good.

They only make 12. I took them to book club (where we were reading a book about natural eating, ha ha) and I was afraid there wouldn’t be enough, but I cut them in half because they’re very rich. They got demolished. I still had some left so the kids got them. Definitely not an everyday thing, and not something I would make unless sharing with a large group.